Dangerous structures

Buildings and structures can become dangerous for a variety of reasons, ranging from a gradual deterioration through lack of maintenance, to a more dramatic cause such as a fire, storm, explosion or vehicle impact.

Dangerous structures tend to fall within two categories:

  • those that require emergency action to remove the danger
  • those that can be rectified within an agreed timescale.

Failure to rectify the works may result in the Council seeking a magistrate's court order requiring the owner to take the necessary steps to prevent the danger. In any event, the owner of the structure is responsible for the costs of any remedial works.


  • If you are concerned that a building or structure may be dangerous you can contact the Council to report the matter.

  • Following receipt of a report, Building Control will inspect the property and if the danger is perceived as not requiring immediate action, the owner will be contacted and asked to remove the danger at his own cost, following an agreed timescale.

  • In certain instances, the structure may be in such a condition that emergency works need to be arranged to safeguard the general public.

  • Building Control Services will offer expert advice to other emergency services involved, such as, the Police, Fire & Rescue Service or Highways.

  • Emergency works may include highway closure, erection of fencing or organising shoring or demolition works.

Please telephone in the case of an emergency as emails can only be responded to during normal office opening hours.