Planning officer advice service

The duty planning officer is available from 11am to 1pm Monday to Friday at the Civic Offices, Gloucester Square, Woking. Telephone 01483 743476

This is a free service to assist local residents and businesses with straightforward or general planning enquiries. 

Please note the duty planning officer will be unable to advise you on the prospects of success of a planning application. A formal pre-application process has been set up to deal with such requests for which a fee is payable.

The specific role of the duty officer and queries undertaken as a part of this service are limited to:

  • general advice on explaining current applications
  • advice on completing the application form
  • advice on the planning process and procedures
  • advice relating to the validation of planning applications
  • explanation of planning applications
  • general advice relating to permitted development (but not related to a specific site)
  • advice on where to find information
  • general guidance on our policies and standards.

The service does not deal with:

  • detailed pre-application planning advice
  • updates on the progress of specific current applications (you will need to contact the case officer directly)
  • checking if an application about to be submitted is valid 
  • giving an opinion on plans for a particular property or site
  • advising you of the authorised use of a particular property or site.

No appointment is necessary to see the duty officer but normally no more than 10 to 15 minutes is available for each enquiry. There may be a queue of people. Please bear with us, we only have the resources to provide one duty officer available at one time.

Planning applications and associated documents are available to view online where you can also comment on a planning application.

View current and past planning applications