The Civic Offices will reopen on 21 June

The Civic Offices will reopen to the public from Monday 21 June for essential appointments only. For more information on how to access council services and contact us, click the link below.

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How we calculate season ticket charges

The cost of a season ticket is based on a vehicle's carbon dioxide (CO2) emission rating determined by the Vehicle Certification Agency.

Check your vehicle’s emissions rating

A 50% discount is applied for ‘band A’ vehicles that produce the lowest carbon dioxide emissions and a 25% discount for ‘band B’ vehicles. The highest band vehicles, ‘band G’, pay a 25% surcharge.

If a vehicle was registered before the emission rating scheme came into force, we treat the vehicle as if its emissions fall within ‘band C’.

In order to determine the correct band, we will ask you to provide us with the make and registration number of your vehicle when purchasing a season ticket.

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