Cyclists urged to walk their wheels through Woking Town Centre

15 May 2018

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A campaign encouraging cyclists to think of others and walk their cycles through the busy, shopping streets of Woking Town Centre was launched last week. During the campaign, police officers will be patrolling, Woking Town Centre on the lookout for cyclists.

Yellow cards will be issued to cyclists who are caught cycling through key town centre streets in a manner that compromises the safety of pedestrians. The yellow card is a positive and polite request for cyclists to think of others and dismount.

Cllr Beryl Hunwicks, Portfolio Holder for Environmental Services, said: “Thanks to the investment we made in our Borough-wide cycle network, cycling has become a popular way to commute to work, stay active and as a leisure activity. However, this has led to an increase in anti-social cycling such as cycling on footpaths and pedestrianised areas of Woking Town Centre.”

Through this campaign we are encouraging cyclists to consider others by dismounting and walking their bikes through Woking Town Centre.

Cyclists walking their bikes a short distance will only add a minute or two to a journey, but will go a long way to making our town centre safe and welcoming place for everyone.

As well as cyclists, patrolling police officers will also be on the look out for skateboarders and scooter riders acting antisocially. For more information, please contact the Neighbourhood Services Team on 01483 755855 or email