Independent Sheerwater Scrutiny Panel confirm final public Hearing date

08 June 2015

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The Independent Sheerwater Scrutiny Panel Chair, Claire Storey, has confirmed the details of the final public Hearing, which will be held on Wednesday 17 June at 7pm in the Council Chamber at Woking Borough Council’s Civic Offices in Woking.

At this session, the Panel will take evidence from Cllr David Bittleston, Portfolio Holder for Strategic Housing at Woking Borough Council and Cllr John Kingsbury, Leader of Woking Borough Council. Also in attendance will be Ray Morgan, Chief Executive of Woking Borough Council, who may be called upon for further evidence, if it is deemed appropriate by the Panel.

Following the same format as the Hearings held last week [from 1 to 4 June 2015], interested parties will have the opportunity to submit questions in advance to the Panel to be put to those giving evidence. These will be taken into account in the Panel’s investigations and, where appropriate, referenced during the Hearing. This is the method by which the Panel will allow cross-questioning of those giving evidence.

Advance questions should be submitted to the Panel via email, in writing to the Panel at Woking Borough Council’s Civic Offices or via an e-form available on the ISSP webpage at

Questions may also be submitted during the Hearing session. Questions will be assessed for suitability and, to the extent that answers have not already been provided, the Panel will, in its discretion, put submitted questions to the contributors.

Again, transport provisions will be put in place for residents and interested parties who require transport to and from Sheerwater to attend the Hearing. In order to make the appropriate arrangements, those wishing to book transport are asked to contact the Panel with details of their needs and relevant contact details. Requests for transport must be pre-booked via email or phone and be made by no later than midday on Tuesday 16 June.

The final Public Hearing session will mark the formal end of the Panel’s collection of evidence and public scrutiny process, which started on 16 March 2015. The Panel’s next step is to review the evidence presented and write a report based on its findings, including recommendations, and it will be presented by the Panel to Full Council on 22 October 2015.

The final session will be broadcast live via webcast, which can be viewed on the evening via the Panel’s webpage at Please note: all the sessions recorded last week [w/c 1 June] are available to watch on this page and can be reviewed at any time.

Speaking about the Hearings conducted, Claire Storey, Chair of the Panel, said: “This week the Panel has received verbal public evidence from Woking Borough Council Officers, Ray Morgan and Mark Rolt; New Vision Homes Regeneration Project Director, Chris Le May; elected councillors, Cllr Will Forster, Cllr Ian Johnson, Cllr Tahir Aziz and Cllr Mohammad Ilyas Raja; residents and; former councillors Muzaffar Ali and Louise Morales.

“We have also held a number of successful private sessions with residents at Parkview Centre for the Community in Sheerwater. The information collected from these sessions will be used, along with the evidence collected at the public Hearings, to inform the Panel’s final report.

“Again, I would like to thank all residents and interested parties who provided evidence, as well as those parties who attended the sessions as observers, for their attendance and insights.”

The Hearings form part of the Panel’s Review procedure investigating the project path of the proposed Sheerwater Regeneration Project, undertaken by Woking Borough Council, from inception to date under three main areas: process, consultation and actions; rather than the merits of the Sheerwater Regeneration proposals, which are outside the Panel’s remit.

Again, the Council Chamber has been chosen as the most suitable venue for the Hearing based on the venue’s facilities and needs of the Panel. It has the capacity to accommodate up to 90 people, as well as the ability to provide further viewing space within the venue, and offers increased accessibility through use of its live webcasting function, which will be utilised for this session.

Interested parties wishing to submit questions in advance and/or pre-book transport, can do so by phoning 01483 743863 or emailing

For more information about the Independent Sheerwater Scrutiny Panel, its remit and the process, please visit

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