From milk cartons great igloos grow!

01 August 2014

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It might be the height of summer, but children and young people from Sheerwater had the `bottle' on Wednesday to build a life-sized igloo from upcycled milk cartons.

Adventurous volunteers joined Surrey-based visual artist, Becci Kenning, to create an igloo that any long lost Eskimo would have been proud to call home.

Made from over 500 plastic upcycled milk cartons, individually glued together, the igloo will now go to the nearby Woking Sure Start Children's Centre who supported the project.

Woking Borough Council's Sheerwater Community Development Officer, said: "It's not everyday you can say you built an igloo in the middle of Surrey out of plastic milk cartons! It's really bought the community together and everyone, young and old, really enjoyed themselves. I'd like to thank everyone who kindly donated their used milk bottles, especially to West Horsley Dairy who kindly donated over 200 bottles."