The school food plan - free school meals

16 May 2014

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From September 2014, the Government is providing funding to enable primary schools in England to offer a free lunch to every child in their reception classes, year 1 and year 2. This is the Government’s school food plan. Surrey County Council’s Commercial Services is working with primary schools to fulfil this requirement.

There is strong evidence that well nourished children learn more, behave better and are more likely to achieve their full potential. Offering free school meals to children aged four to seven tackles obesity and diet related diseases and teaches children healthy eating habits early in life. You can find out more in the
school food plan or from the Department for Education.

If your child will be in any of these year groups, you could save nearly 400 per year per child.

You will need to register your interest to have a free school meal direct with your school. You will need to complete relevant paperwork so that your school can claim vital funding. Your school will provide relevant information for you on how it is managing and delivering this school food plan.