Be a cut above the rest and recycle your garden waste today

10 March 2014

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Residents can become `Everyday Heroes' by joining Gill the Garden Goddess in her quest to recycle grass cuttings in an incredible way, by subscribing to Woking Borough Council's Garden Waste Collection Service.

By subscribing to the easy-to-use service for a small annual fee, residents will receive a green bin or reusable sacks, which will be collected fortnightly from the boundary of their property, helping provide local farms with compost made from your garden waste.

Last year, Woking composted 7,137 tonnes of garden waste, the equivalent weight to grass cuttings from 1,021 football pitches - that's enough pitches to play one and a half premier league seasons, three FA Cups and 16 World Cups.

By subscribing to the garden waste collection service, which collects grass cuttings, leaves, small twigs, dead plants and small branches, you are helping to:

  • Save time - The service removes the need to pack your car and drive to your nearest Community Recycling Centre (CRC), as well as the need to hoover out creepy crawlies from the boot and between the seats afterwards.

  • Save the planet - When biodegradable waste such as leaves, branches and grass cuttings is buried in landfill, it is starved of oxygen and cannot breakdown properly. As a result, greenhouse gases such as methane are produced. Methane is 21 times more harmful than carbon dioxide, so by composting your waste you are creating a rich fertile compost and limiting the volume of greenhouse gases emitted from landfill.

  • Save natural resources - Reserves of the phosphate rock used to make fertilisers are reducing. By using the garden waste collection service, your waste will transform into rich, fertile compost, avoiding the use of artificial fertilisers.

  • Save energy - All green garden waste collected from residents in Woking is composted locally and is used on a local farm. This helps minimise energy used in transporting your waste.

Cllr Beryl Hunwicks, Woking Borough Council's Portfolio Holder for Waste and Recycling, said: "The garden waste service has proved to be a popular service with residents since it was introduced in 2009. Subscription numbers continue to grow year-on-year, highlighting that Woking's residents have a real commitment to disposing of their waste in a sustainable manner.

"I would encourage all those residents with gardens who are not currently subscribed to the service to do so and become an Everyday Hero for Woking. The garden waste collection service is a cost effective, simple and convenient way to dispose of your garden waste without leaving the comfort of your own home."

Residents with small gardens who don't produce a lot of waste can share with a neighbour and split the cost of the service.

Signing up is easy, simply visit or call our helpline on 01483 755855.

For more information about recycling, including the garden waste collection costs and what can be recycled, visit or Tweet @WokingCouncil using #RecycleForWoking.