The recipe for a great meal out this Valentine's Day

07 February 2014

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After flowers or chocolates, the next big question that's usually on the agenda for Valentine's Day is whether to go out to that romantic restaurant or enjoy a quiet meal in.

Whatever your recipe for eating out or in this Valentine's Day, make sure you choose one of the 262 eateries in Woking Borough with a Food Hygiene Scheme rating of 3 or more.

The Scheme rates food businesses on their hygiene standards, based on inspections carried out by Woking Borough Council's Environmental Health Team. Businesses in the area are rated on a scale ranging from 0 which means `urgent improvement necessary' to a top rating of 5 which is `very good'.

So, whether you're reserving a table at that romantic hotspot, the cosy little café, or planning on ordering a takeaway on your way home for a romantic meal, make sure to check the hygiene rating first!

Look out for the green and black food hygiene rating stickers displayed on windows and doors. If you can't see a sticker, then ask staff or check online at

Cllr Beryl Hunwicks, Woking Borough Council's Portfolio Holder for Food and Health & Safety, said: "Valentine's Day is a busy time for our local restaurants, cafes and pubs and with the majority of food businesses in the Woking area rated 3 or above. The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme makes it easier for everyone to choose to eat their romantic meals in places where food hygiene is taken seriously."

Catriona Stewart, Head of Food Hygiene Ratings team at the Food Standards Agency, said: "The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme is a great tool when choosing where to eat out, particularly when celebrating a special meal, because it tells you what's going in the kitchen and behind the scenes. For local eateries, a good rating will be good for business during this busy time season."

This Valentine's Day, make sure you order the flowers, buy the chocolates AND check out the food hygiene rating of your favourite places to eat or order from, at