Knock knock, the election canvassers are about

07 January 2014

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Residents who are yet to complete and return their voter registration forms can expect a knock on the door over the next few weeks, as canvassers will be reminding residents to fill in and send back their voter registration forms for this year's annual canvass of the register of electors.

All properties have received a voter registration form, asking for the details of everyone over the age of 16 living within each household. The deadline for the Council to receive these forms is Friday 7 February 2014. Canvassers will be visiting every non-responding household in the next few weeks to ensure the forms are returned.

Residents are being encouraged to return them as soon as possible, as if they miss this date their details will not be included when the revised register is published on 17 February 2014.

What do I do?

Residents need to write in the names and nationalities of all people eligible to vote at the property, then sign the form and return it to Woking Borough Council using the pre-paid envelope provided. All residents are required by law to register and, if they do not complete the form, they could lose their right to vote and face a fine of up to 1,000.

The information gathered will be used to compile the electoral register which, once complete, will be an accurate list of all the people in Woking who are eligible to vote in forthcoming elections.

Residents are reminded that even if they have registered on the electoral register as recently as August or September 2013, using the individual rolling registration system, they will still need to complete and return the new household form if one is sent to their property.

Ray Morgan, Woking Borough Council's Chief Executive and Electoral Registration Officer, said: "I would urge all residents to complete and return their voter registration form as it's important for residents to use their right to vote. It provides local people with an opportunity to influence what happens in the Borough and to shape the future for generations to come."

If residents do not want their details to be sold on for commercial purposes, they must ensure they opt out of the Edited Register by ticking the `Edited Register' box on the voter registration form. Their details will still appear in the full register, which is used for elections and other specified purposes such as credit reference checks.

For more information, please contact Electoral Services on 01483 755855 or email