Secure council tenants

We are committed to rehousing secure council tenants who wish remain in, or return to, the new development in Sheerwater. We will ensure that, wherever possible, tenants being rehoused only have to move once.

However, due to the nature of the regeneration process this will not always be possible and some tenants, wishing to remain in Sheerwater, may have to move twice.

All secure council tenants who have to move will be allocated 'Band B' priority status under our choice based lettings scheme, known as Hometrak. We will work with you to make a direct offer of alternative accommodation.

As an existing secure council tenant, if you choose to move away from Sheerwater, you will be given the option to move to suitable alternative accommodation owned and managed by us wherever possible.

We will give you a minimum of 12 months notice before you have to move from your existing home to give sufficient time to make the necessary arrangements.

Compensation payments for secure council tenants

The Sheerwater Community Charter sets out our compensation package that is designed to ensure that secure council tenants are properly compensated for moving home. There are two categories of compensation payments.

Home loss payments

Secure council tenants being rehoused because of the regeneration scheme can claim a home loss payment, which is currently set by the government at £6,100.

To be eligible for the home loss payment, you must have occupied your property as the only or main residence for a period of one year prior to the date you have to move. Any payments will be made directly to you.

Please note, we will off-set any home loss payment against any debts you currently owe to us.

Disturbance payments

As a secure council tenant, you are also entitled to receive compensation based on the size of your property. The amount you will receive is set out below.

BedroomsDisturbance payments
1 Bed£2,300
2 Bed£2,900
3 Bed£3,800
4 Bed£4,300
5 Bed£4,550

The disturbance payment covers the costs you will incur in moving home. However, you will not have to produce receipts to claim the payment. You will receive it even if you have not spent that amount in moving home. These payments will be increased in line with the statutory home loss payment.

Unlike home loss payments, disturbance payments will not be off-set against any existing debt you may owe us.

More details about our commitment to secure council tenants can be found on pages 4 to 7 of the Community Charter.

Sheerwater regeneration housing support team

The Sheerwater regeneration housing support team has been established to help make the regeneration process as smooth as possible for secure council tenants.

The team is working hard to help tenants achieve the best outcomes based on their individual needs during the development.

If you're a secure council tenant, and would like to discuss the options available to you, please contact our team.

Phone: 01483 743870