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Below you will find a wide range of information relating to this Woking address. In addition to a map of the area, you will also find: details about your local councillors, dates when your rubbish is going to be collected and the streets are to be cleaned, and a link to the PublicAccess for Planning system.

Oak Cottage
Church Road
St Johns
GU21 7QN

Part of the St Johns ward.


Your Polling Station

St Johns Memorial Hall, St Johns Lye, St Johns, Woking, Surrey, GU21 7SQ

Refuse collections

Waste and recycling bins across the Borough are emptied by Amey on behalf of Joint Waste Solutions. This organisation is managing waste and recycling services for Woking and three other local authorities in Surrey.

Find out which day of the week your bins are emptied and when your next collection is.

Street cleaning

The following activites will take place over the next three months.

Mechanical Street Sweeping
29 January 2018
26 February 2018
Street Sweeping
26 January 2018

Historic environment

This property is not statutory listed. It is, however, in the CS20 and BE9: Ashwood Road/Heathside Road, Basingstoke Canal (East And West), Brookwood Cemetery, Fishers Hill, Hockering, Holyoake Crescent, Horsell Birch, Lower Knaphill, Mount Hermon, Old Woking Village, Pond Road, St Johns, Sutton Park, Waldens Park R Conservation Area.

If you are in any doubt whether a property is statutory listed or within a conservation area always check with the Council's Planning service. Remember: it is a criminal offence to demolish, alter or extend a listed building without consent and the penalty can be an unlimited fine or up to 12 months imprisonment. It is a criminal offence to undertake demolition in a conservation area, where approval is required, or any works to a listed building, without prior consent. Conviction is punishable by fine or imprisonment. It is also an offence to undertake works on a protected tree without prior consent, or to undertake works on a tree in a conservation area without prior notification. Undertaking such unauthorised works is punishable by fine.

Tree Preservation Orders

This search has not revealed any TPO records, however this search is for guidance only. You are strongly advised to check with the Council prior to undertaking any tree works.

Any trees at this property will be protected by the Conservation Area.

Trees and hedges may be protected by Planning Conditions if a property has been recently built or extended. If you are in any doubt whether a tree is protected, always check with the Council's Council's Planning service before carrying out work on a tree. Remember: it is a criminal offence to cut or fell a protected tree without the Council's consent, and may result in a heavy fine. Be a good neighbour and tell your neighbours if you are planning to cut back trees or hedges.

Planning applications

For information on planning applications within this area please use the PublicAccess for planning system.

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