Flooding responsibilities and contacts

Storm Dennis may cause surface water flooding this weekend. A range of public sector agencies are responsible for different types of flooding.

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Public art

Public art is defined as any work of visual art or craft produced by an artist or craftsperson, through a collaborative process involving members of the local community. Public art is sited in a location that is freely accessible to the public.

It may be new work commissioned specifically for a particular site, or an existing work sited in a public place. It may be a permanent fixture, or temporary, internal or external, as part of an existing building or a freestanding piece of work.

Public art can take the form of a range of visual attractions such as playground designs, street furniture, lighting schemes, landscape, sculptures, murals and gateways, to visual performances such as dance, drama, music and carnivals.

Public art can positively contribute to community spirit and pride of place, bringing together people from across a multicultural community.

Public Art Strategy

In 2007, Woking Borough Council worked in partnership with public art specialists Artpoint, to produce a Public Art Strategy for Woking. It is expected that this strategy will guide the future investment and commissioning of public art in the Borough.