Selective licensing scheme for private landlords

Please be aware we are processing a high number of licence applications and unfortunately this has delayed issuing draft licences. If you have received an acknowledgment email advising your application is valid, you have complied with your legal requirements and should wait to receive a draft licence. It will take several months for the team to be able to process the (almost 700) received to date we will be issuing them in date order from when we received a complete and valid application.

Private residential landlords with properties in the Canalside Ward (parts of Maybury and Woking Town Centre) require a licence to operate.

Licences are held on a public register that you can view here.

The licensing scheme supports the need for decent, affordable housing and reduce instances of poor housing associated with private rented accommodation, whilst improving the health, safety and wellbeing of private tenants.

The Council will inspect every private rented property within the selective licensing area, and where health and safety hazards are found, enforcement action will be taken to remedy these hazards.

This action will ensure that private landlords carry out improvements to properties that are either non-decent or unsafe, and this will improve the health and well-being of private tenants.

The selective licensing scheme provides a range of key benefits.

  • Improve housing conditions.
  • Encourage professional rental standards.
  • Tackle landlords who operate unlawfully.
  • Reduce incidence of tenant exploitation.
  • Improve property management.
  • Reduce overcrowding.
  • Reduce incidence of harassment and unlawful eviction.
  • Improve neighbourhood perceptions.

The Councils discretionary power to implement selective licensing of the private rented sector is set out in Housing Act 2004.

Applying for a licence

All private landlords who operate private rented accommodation in the Canalside Ward must apply for a licence with supporting documents.

Licences will be issued for a maximum of five years (depending on the application date) and, for the majority of landlords, only one application will be required during the Selective Licensing Scheme.

Applications can be made online and must be accompanied by the required certification and fees.

Find out how we use your personal data when you apply for a property licence here.

Apply for your licence**

We have produced some guidance notes to help answer questions and to help you complete each section of the licensing application form and give you guidance on the property plans required. There is also a frequently asked questions section.

Landlords will be required to pay a licence fee of 560 (reduced to 200 for existing Woking Private Landlord Accreditation Scheme accredited landlords) for a maximum 12 month licence. The detailed fees applicable to the scheme may be viewed here.

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Selective licensing offences

It is a criminal offence for a private landlord to operate any private rented accommodation in the selective licensing scheme area without a licence.

The Council has powers to either prosecute private landlords who commit licensing offences (maximum penalty is an unlimited fine), or issue financial penalties of up to 30,000.

Operating an unlicensed property may also lead to the Council, or a tenant, to make an application to obtain a Rent Repayment Order in respect of up to 12 months rent or housing benefit monies paid. The Council could also take control of unlicensed premises through an Interim Management Order. Furthermore, in relation to shorthold tenancies, no Section 21 Notice may be served under the Housing Act 1988 in respect of an unlicensed property.

A person who breaches a condition of the licence shall either be liable to prosecution (and upon summary conviction liable to an unlimited fine), or a financial penalty not exceeding 30,000.

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Additional resources

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