Reporting a concern about private housing

As a private tenant, you have the legal right to live in a property that is safe and in a good state of repair.

We can often help if your landlord is refusing to do repairs but you need to make sure you have reported the issue to your landlord in writing before you report the problem to us.

What are my landlords safety responsibilities?

If your landlord is not meeting safety standards, visit he government's landlord's safety responsibilities webpages.

What if my landlord doesn't complete the work?

Where the landlord/agent does not complete the necessary works, or does not complete the works to the standard required, appropriate action will be taken in accordance with the relevant legislation. There is more information on Shelter.

What sort of issues can the Council help you with?

The majority of complaints come from people living in private rented housing. Issues we can help you with include:

  • poor housing conditions
  • disrepair
  • health and safety hazards
  • fire safety
  • no heating or hot water
  • overcrowding
  • severe damp and mould caused by a property defect.

Call Gas emergency on 0800 111 999 immediately if you smell gas or you notice signs of carbon monoxide poisoning.

If the problem is not an immediate danger, or serious threat to health or security, then you may wish to follow the advice on Shelter.

Report it to Woking Borough Council

If you do not receive a positive response from your landlord report it to us and we will investigate.

What happens after I have made a complaint about my housing?

  • We will aim to contact you within five working days.
  • Where possible we will offer advice on any issues that can be addressed to resolve the situation without further action being taken.
  • If an inspection of the property is required the landlord may be notified of the complaint and notified of the inspection.
  • We will come and visit and advise on what action can be taken.

What can I do if my landlord or their agent is bothering me at home or harassing me?

If your landlord or their agent is bothering you at home or harassing you contact us. There is also helpful information on the Shelter website: harassment by a private landlord

What if my landlord tries to evict me after having complained about disrepair?

  • If your tenancy started on or after 1st October 2015 you have greater tenancy rights from retaliatory eviction.

  • You should write to your landlord advising them about the problem and requesting them to advise how they will deal with it.

  • If your landlord does not respond within 14 days or provides inadequate response. If a relevant notice is served, the landlord/agent cannot evict using a section 21 notice for six months

  • If no relevant notice is served, any section 21 served would be valid

  • Landlord/agent responds within 14 days and provides an adequate response regardless of whether a relevant notice is served, the section 21 notice is valid

  • More detailed information can be found on Shelter

Can I report an issue with a property if I do not live there?

Yes, if you are concerned about a particular property report the concern to us and we will look into it.

There is a wide range of information that you may find helpful on the following websites: