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Hometrak Woking, a Choice Based Lettings scheme (CBL), is the way that Woking Borough Council lets homes in the Borough. In the past the Council decided when and where people would be offered a home, based on their need and preference. With Hometrak, people on the Housing Register can bid for a property that meets their housing needs and preferences.

Hometrak aims to give applicants on our Housing Register more choice in where they wish to live, whilst making the best use of the Borough's housing stock by effectively meeting the housing needs of our residents.

Hometrak Woking does not mean that extra housing is available but does maximise the choice available to applicants on our Housing Register.

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A step-by-step guide to Hometrak Woking

There are five steps that applicants follow when choosing a home:

Step one: Membership

You will automatically be a member of Hometrak Woking if you are an existing Council tenant registered for a transfer, a tenant of a housing association and have registered for a transfer, or if you have been accepted onto the Council's Housing Register.

If you are not already on the Council's Housing Register you need to complete and return to us a housing application form.

Step two: Registration

Once the Council has accepted you onto the Housing Register, Hometrak Woking will send you a membership pack in the post which will tell you:

  • your Housing Application Number,
  • which of the five bands you have been placed in,
  • your priority date (the date you were placed in a band),
  • what type of accommodation you are eligible to bid for (express your interest in) and,
  • what size of property you can bid for
  • who is registered / household members included on the application.

You will be sent your Personal Identification Number (PIN) separately.

You must keep Housing staff informed of any changes to your household, medical condition or housing situation including changes to household income. This is very important as it could result in changing your band, or your eligibility for a home.

Step three: Choosing

Available properties will be advertised on the Council's website and in a Hometrak Woking Property List which will be published every fortnight. Details of available properties will also be on display in the On-Line Services Area at the Civic Offices.

You will be able to bid for (express your interest in) a maximum of three properties during the first week of each bidding cycle. There is no money involved in placing a bid.

You will be able to bid for properties in a number of ways:

  • Through the Hometrak website, via the services gateway. A step by step guide to bid.

  • By using the Hometrak telephone service on 01483 755855. Option 5.

  • At the Civic Offices in the On-Line Services Area where there are 4 computers available.

Waiting times will vary depending on the Band you have been placed in, the number of properties which become available, the area where you wish to live and the priority of other bidders in relation to you. For a summary of current waiting times, please click here.

Step four: Offer

All eligible bids for each property are placed into priority order. Priority is decided first by hand and second by date order.

When we close the bidding cycle we will produce a list showing the bids received for each advertised property. If you are at the top of the priority list, you will normally be invited to view the property.

As a member of Hometrak Woking you must have your circumstances and housing conditions checked before you will be eligible to sign up for a tenancy. Checking will also include a home visit.

If your bid is successful you are likely to be contacted within a week of the bid closing.

If you do not hear from us within a week of the deadline, you have not been successful.

If you are offered a property you will not be shortlisted for other homes until you have made a decision either to accept or refuse the offer.

If you refuse the property, the next person on the priority list will be invited to view the property.

Step five: Feedback

It will not be possible to notify people individually if their bids have been unsuccessful but the band and band date of the successful bidder will be published in the 'recent lets' section of the Hometrak website.

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Contact us

If you would like more information about Hometrak Woking or would like to speak to a member of staff about your application, please contact us:

Housing Needs
Woking Borough Council
Civic Offices
Gloucester Square
GU21 6YL

Tel: 01483 743833