Drainage advice for food businesses

If you cause damage to sewers by putting the wrong items down the drain, you could be prosecuted or fined under Section 111 of The Water Industry Act 1991.

To prevent blockages from occurring you can take the following steps:

  • Do not pour cooking fats, oils or greases down sinks or drains.
  • Store your leftover oil in an air-tight container and have it collected by a licensed waste contractor.
  • Do not scrape any leftover food into the sink, put it in the bin. Use strainers in sink plug holes and empty any trapped bits into the bin.
  • Wipe dishes with kitchen roll to keep any oils and grease out of washing-up water.
  • Do not sweep food waste into the floor drains, place rubbish in the bin.
  • Install a grease removal unit or grease separator as a form of grease management to prevent fat, oil and grease from reaching your waste pipes.
  • Clean and maintain any grease management equipment regularly.
  • Train employees and ensure they understand the importance of correct fat, oil and grease disposal.

Visit the Thameswater website for more information