Green pages

Woking Green Pages will help you make those changes. This guide focuses on what we can do as a community to help improve the quality of life in Woking and safeguard our wider environment. It's jam packed with helpful advice, money saving ideas and useful contacts.

Woking Borough Council is grateful to the members of Woking Local Agenda 21 who have compiled this guide.

The Woking Green Pages is an on-going project, and as new information comes to light, or as existing details change, we will regularly update the Internet version of this guide, so keep checking the web site!


Woking Local Agenda 21 Group would like to thank all those who have contributed to the Woking Green Pages. Without the wide range of voluntary contributions from individuals and local organisations this project could not have been completed.

In particular we would like to thank Woking Borough Council for their financial support and officer time. We are also appreciative of funding from Awards for All National Lottery fund for local groups and from the SITA Environmental Trust for funding from Landfill Tax Credits.

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What is Local Agenda 21?

To find out more about the activities of Woking's Local Agenda 21 Group, visit:, email:, or telephone 01483 743413.

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This guide has been produced as an aid to sustainable living. Although every reasonable care has been taken in its production, the publishers do not represent, warrant or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any of the information contained within the guide or the quality or reliability of any goods or services mentioned in it.

The publishers are not selling or offering for sale any products nor do they act as agents of any persons in that respect.

Any views expressed in this publication are not necessarily attributable to Woking Borough Council.

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Table of contents

Adult education
Advice for parents

Buying recycled
Charitable organisations
Community opportunities for young people

Conservation volunteering
Eco schools
Energy efficiency
Environmental management
Environmental problems
Fair trade
Financial institutions and products
Food packaging
Gardening for life
General fitness
Genetically modified foods
Green burials
Healthy lifestyles
Healthy living
House keeping
Leisure and recreation
Local democracy - getting involved
Local education authority
Local exchange trading system (lets)
Local health provision
Local produce
Local sites
Local societies
Organic produce
Parental involvement
Protecting wildlife
Public transport
Saving water
School facilities
Surrey sustainable business programme
Sustainable shopping
Sustainable tourism
The green pages challenge
Travel to school
Unwanted goods
Voluntary work
Waste minimisation
Water saving
Where to get help
Working from home