House keeping

Making a number of small and easy changes to daily living can make a real contribution to our environment and can improve our health. You can save money by reducing your consumption of energy and cleaning and other products.

Cleaning products

  • Particularly avoid detergents with added enzymes - use "kind to the environment" detergents, cleaners and fabric softeners which are manufactured from plant oils, such as 'Ecover'. These cleaners use natural ingredients and dramatically fewer chemicals. They do not use petroleum-based surfactants, but soap which degrades completely in 3-8 days, and they avoid phosphates which cause toxic algal blooms in waterways. Use all products sparingly.
  • To remove stains, use citrus solvents, lemon juice, vinegar or baking soda, rather than chemical stain removers.
  • Use potpourri with essential oils instead of chemical air fresheners.

Contacts and information sources has a searchable database of organic producers, suppliers and organisations. Try also and

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