Everyone will benefit from increased cycling! Cycling is now recognised as one of the ways we can improve the quality of life here in Woking. Cycle Woking is an exciting initiative that will develop a range of projects and improvements to cycling facilities within the Borough.


  • The Cyclists Touring Club (CTC is the largest cycling club in the country. It lobbies on behalf of cyclists at national level but also provides a comprehensive range of advice on touring, technical, insurance and legal matters. Locally CTC has a District Association which organises rides every Wednesday and Sunday.
    Parklands, Railton Road, Guildford, Gu2 9JX
    Tel 0870 873 0060 (local branch website)
  • For those cycling in London the London Cycling Campaign has a vision to make London a world class cycling city. Each borough has its own group.
    Unit 228, 30 Great Guildford Street, London SE1 0HS
    Tel 0207 234 310
  • Surrey County Council produces information about cycle routes and lanes in the local area.
    Tel 0845 6 009 009
  • Sustrans works through practical projects, such as the National Cycle Network and Safe Routes to School, designing and building routes for cyclists and walkers. These routes are for journeys to work, school and for leisure.
    2 Cathedral Square
    College Green
    BS1 5DD
    T: 0117 926 8893
    F: 0117 929 4173
  • Woking Cycle Users' Group promotes the benefits of cycling to the community.