There are many volunteering opportunities available around Woking Borough. Being a volunteer can take up as much or as little time as you can give, and the range of different voluntary jobs is endless. Whether you cut the grass for a neighbour, give blood, fundraise or become a Magistrate or Samaritan, your time, involvement and enthusiasm will make a real difference to the people or organisation you are helping. Additionally, through certain volunteer opportunities you can also find time to enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise and meet new people.

Local Opportunities

As a first point of contact, get in touch with Volunteer in Woking. Volunteer in Woking connects individuals looking to volunteer with companies looking for volunteers within the Borough. It seeks to place individuals with volunteer opportunities most suited to them. The organisation also provides advice and information to companies on all aspects of the voluntary sector, including funding, health awareness and resourcing. For contact details and more information visit their website.

Another local group is Woking Local Action 21 (LA21), a community-led volunteer group, supported by Woking Borough Council. Since 1994, LA21 has been taking action locally on issues relating to global scale climate change and sustainability. The group focus on a range of topics, including practical conservation work, growing food crops in public places, installing owl nest boxes and promoting local food. The group has made a major contribution to the Council's Climate Change agenda, particularly with regard to engagement with the community. To find out more, or to get involved visit their website.


  • Newspapers, both local and national or parish magazines often have adverts and articles seeking volunteers.
  • REACH find voluntary jobs for experienced managers and professionals.
  • The British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV) can provide information about health and safety awareness and about local opportunities.
  • The Experience Corps is an independent, non-for-profit company, funded by a grant from the Home Office. It was set up to encourage people aged 50 and over to offer their skills and experience to benefit others in their local communities. With a range of dynamic opportunities, the Experience Corps hopes to enlist people who have never been interested in volunteering before.
  • Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) co-ordinates volunteers of a wide age range, with varied skills and experience, on projects in many countries.