The green pages challenge

Once you have read the Green Pages, you can try to incorporate some of the suggestions made into your everyday lifestyle by attempting the Green Pages Challenge. See if you can carry out some of the green ideas below (one comes from each section).

  • Reduce your use of energy, water use or production of waste in six months
  • Investigate the environmental and social policies of your bank, and consider changing your bank if you are not satisfied
  • Start buying at least one organic, fair trade labelled or locally produced item as part of your regular shopping list
  • Take your own bags to the supermarket.
  • Take part in some voluntary work at least once a month
  • Avoid the use of pesticides in the garden
  • Seek expert advice and implement a plan for regular exercise
  • Sort out any clothes and toys in your home that are no longer usable, and ensure that they are passed on, sold or recycled
  • Visit your local library, and investigate the local educational opportunities that are open to you
  • Visit one of the 'Green Spaces' mentioned in the Green Pages
  • Consult your local school, to see if they would like assistance from local people
  • Investigate sporting and leisure pursuits that are available to you locally
  • 'Buy Recycled'. Buy one product made from recycled materials as part of your regular shopping list
  • Investigate your workplace, and try to establish how the environmental impacts that arise from everyday business activities can be reduced
  • Leave the car at home for at least one of your regular journeys each week

Woking Local Agenda 21 Group would like to hear from you if you have managed to incorporate part of the Green Pages Challenge into your everyday life. Email and let us know how you got on!