Choose wisely when purchasing a new car, as some models consume more fuel and damage the environment significantly more than others. The following list summarises what are currently thought of to be 'the best environmental option' for cars. The car should:

  • run on unleaded petrol.
  • be fitted with a catalyst and carbon canister.
  • have the smallest engine size practicable.
  • have good fuel economy figures.
  • be manual transmission rather than automatic.
  • produce minimum emissions of harmful substances.

A 'Car Buyers Guide' by the Environmental Transport Association (ETA) ranks the most popular cars in this country against criteria such as those given above, to identify the most environmentally friendly models on the road.

The ETA provides breakdown services and campaigns for environmentally sound transport. It offers a fast, reliable service at a competitive price to give peace of mind to motorists concerned about the environment. The ETA also provides Britain's first cycle recovery service.


  • Environmental Transport Association
    68 High Street, Weybridge KT13 8RS
    Tel 0800 212 810
  • The National Society for Clean Air can provide information on 'Choosing and Using a Cleaner Car'.
    44 Grand Parade
    E Sussex  BN2 9QA
    tel: 01273 878770