Climate change and sustainability

These pages contain information about Woking 2050, the Council's Climate Change Strategy, green initiatives such as Actio2n Surrey, the Council's approach to sustainability, links to Woking Local Action 21 and the latest environmental news.

Woking has long been committed to protecting the environment. Our first Climate Change Strategy was adopted in 2002. We have achieved a lot since the original Strategy was published and much has been made possible through working in partnership with key stakeholders, commercial partners and volunteer organisations to meet our common environmental goals.

Our previous strategies have focussed on carbon reduction. Woking 2050 (adopted September 2015) is not just about carbon. It considers our way of living and how it can influence our environment. Balancing our environmental aspirations and the Boroughs needs for development and economic prosperity is at the heart of our goals.

The aim of this strategy is to coordinate a wide range of objectives into one comprehensive document that can be used by the Council and Woking's residents, businesses, community groups and others to reduce the Borough's impact on the environment.

Sustainability is high on the Council's agenda as a cross-cutting issue. Sustainability has been integrated across corporate activity through a variety of checklists and processes, based around a set of `16 Sustainability Themes' which cover a comprehensive range of environmental, economic and social aspirations. Guidance has been developed to enable the Council to undertake sustainability appraisals for projects, procurement activity, performance management, committee reports and service plans.