What Woking Borough Council is doing

Whilst world leaders continue to debate environmental issues on a global scale, Woking Borough Council is tackling issues, such as global warming and depletion of natural resources, on a local scale. Woking Borough Council's Climate Change Strategy is called Woking 2050 and can be viewed here.


The Council records information on a number of sustainability and climate change matters within the Borough, this includes:

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) from its own estate and operations. The report for 2016/17 is available here.
  • Display Energy Certificates (DEC) for several buildings within the Borough, available here.
  • Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA) Report which is updated every two years, the 2015/16 report is available here.

For more information about Woking Borough Council's green initiatives and environmental and sustainable development policies, please email green@woking.gov.uk