Comprehensive Performance Assessment

The Council, along with all other District Councils in Surrey underwent an inspection by the Audit Commission in early December 2003. Called the Comprehensive Performance Assessment or CPA for short, this is a key element of the government's programme to modernise public services. The assessment results in a judgement of a Council's overall performance which can be categorised as either excellent, good, fair, weak or poor.

The Audit Commission's findings were announced on 8 April 2004 and found that Woking Borough Council is a GOOD Council with a strong track record of service delivery. For further details see the press release.

The inspection determined how the Council is performing collectively as a Council and asked:

  • What is it trying to achieve and how?
  • Does it have robust management processes?
  • Can it demonstrate a capacity for improvement?
  • Is it looking at ways for continuous learning?
  • Can it deliver even better quality services?

Prior to the inspection the Council was asked by the Audit Commission to put together its own self-assessment of how it is performing. This Corporate Self Assessment is available here to view.

The report on Woking Borough Council's performance together with the results for other Surrey Districts are available to view on the Audit Commission's web pages

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