Impact assessments for the 2015/16 service plans

The purpose of the Equality Impact Assessment is to improve the work of the Council by making sure it does not discriminate against any individual or group and that, where possible, it promotes equality.

The assessment is an important step to make sure that individuals and teams think carefully about the likely impact of their work on people in Woking and take action to improve strategies, policies, services and projects, where appropriate. The Council has a legal duty to comply with equalities legislation and the Equality Impact Assessment template enables officers to consider the impact (positive or negative) a strategy, policy, project or service may have upon various equality target groups.

The Council has made a corporate commitment to address the social, economic and environmental effects of activities across Business Units. The purpose of this impact assessment is to record any positive or negative impacts that a decision, project or programme is likely to have on each of the Council's sustainability themes.

The Equality and Sustainability Impact Assessments for the 2015/2016 Service Plans can be viewed by clicking the appropriate links below:

Abandoned cars


Climate change

Community Safety

Customer care

Environmental Control

Environmental maintenance contract

Food and health and safety

H.G. Wells

Housing and Council Tax Benefit


Corporate employer

Planning policy

Building Control

Civic events


Member Services

Planning implementation

Promoting the economy

Land charges


Parking Services



Waste and recycling