Presenting petitions at committee meetings

If a petition contains between 100 and 400 signatures it will be referred to a meeting of the Executive for consideration. If more than 400 signatures have been added to the petition, it will automatically be referred to a meeting of the full Council for debate. The only exception would be in those cases where the petition asks for a senior Council Officer to give evidence at the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

The Council will contact the petition organiser before the meeting and if the organiser or their nominee wishes to present the petition in person, confirmation must be given at least ten working days before the meeting.

The presentation of a petition is limited to not more than three minutes, and should be confined to reading out, or summarising, the purpose of the petition, indicating the number and description of signatories, and making supporting remarks relevant to the petition. Councillors may then proceed to ask questions of the petition organiser.