Electoral ID Pilot Announcement

We are taking part in the voter ID pilot

Woking has signed up to a pilot scheme, run by the Cabinet Office, that will mean voters within the Borough will need to show ID before they can vote in person at the polling station this year's local election. Postal voters will not be affected.

The move comes after reports of alleged electoral fraud through voter impersonation more than doubled between 2014 and 2016, according to national figures from the Electoral Commission.

Joining Woking are Gosport, Bromley, Swindon and Watford who have also
volunteered to take part in the trial scheduled for the May 2018 local elections, which will require voters to produce ID before being issued with a ballot paper.

The form of identification to be used will be set by the councils, but the pilot will involve trialling both photo ID and non-photo ID to see what is most effective and efficient.

The trial is likely to be the first in a series of pilots to allow the Electoral Commission and Cabinet Office to evaluate the impact of asking for ID before a decision is taken on whether or not to roll it out nationally.

Many countries around the world have already made it a requirement to prove identity at a polling station including Northern Ireland.

Read more about the pilot here.