Electoral offences

The information below explains what electoral offences are and how you can report any illegal or suspicious activities.

Woking Borough Council is working closely with Surrey Police to ensure that strict electoral procedures are in place in the lead up to and during the local elections.

If you become aware that electoral offences are being committed, you should report it immediately, using this form.

Electoral offences

Voters should be aware that the following activities are against the law:

  • Bribery - candidates or their supporters cannot give money or offer gifts to persuade you to vote a particular way.
  • Treating - candidates or their supporters cannot directly or indirectly give or provide food, drink or entertainment in order to influence a voter.
  • Intimidation - candidates or their supporters cannot use undue influence or intimidation of any kind to influence the way you vote.

Your right to vote is yours and yours alone. No-one should stop you from voting or interfere with your right to vote.

If you encounter anyone who is using bribery, treating or intimidation to influence you or anyone who you know, you should report it immediately using the online form.

Voters should also be aware that there are some electoral offences that voters must not commit:

  • Multiple Voting (i.e voting more than once)
  • Personation (i.e. voting either in person or by post as someone else)

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Reporting offences

If you want to report an electoral offence, you can complete the online form. Alternatively, please contact Woking Borough Council on 01483 755855.

All reports of this nature will be treated in the strictest of confidence and your identity will be protected.