Our customers are our prime consideration especially when planning new services or reviewing current arrangements and we consult with them wherever possible to understand their needs better. Woking Borough Council uses a variety of methods to consult with the public which are included in this page.

Citizens' Panel

Consultation takes place through our Citizens' Panel. Panel members receive between three and six questionnaires a year asking their views on a variety of local issues.

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We also send questionnaires to a random sample of residents on issues such as the satisfaction with our services.

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Focus groups

Throughout the year a number of focus groups are run to find out what our community thinks about a particular topic or issue, or asking for views on policies and strategies we may be reviewing or launching.

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Customer feedback forms

From time to time, we ask people who use our services what they think about them. For example car park users are surveyed twice a year and quarterly telephone surveys take place to seek your views on street cleaning and grounds maintenance.

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Roadshows and public displays

At times, when a major proposal is to be considered, we will arrange a public display or travel around the Borough seeking your views in our roadshow vehicle. We did this when deciding the priorities for the future Community Strategy and also for "Listening Days" when we offer an opportunity for you to comment on all aspects of life in the borough.

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Youth Council

Young people aged 11- 18 years who want to get involved in sharing their views can contact the Youth Council - email

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Other ways to let us know what you think

  • Your Local Councillor - You can speak to your local Councillor, if you have a local issue which concerns you. Click here to find out about your local Councillor.
  • Woking Forum - The Woking Forum allows you to contribute to discussions on any aspect of life in Woking. It is an open forum giving everyone the chance to voice their opinions so if people post their views then they can be challenged by others.