Councillors' conduct

Councillors must at all times observe the Council's Members' Code of Conduct to ensure high standards in the way they undertake their duties.

Following elections Members are asked to sign the declaration of acceptance of office including an undertaking to be guided by the Code of Conduct.

A full copy of the Code of Conduct is available.

Register of Interests

Members are also required to register a range of financial and personal interests, details of which are contained in the Code of Conduct. These interests will include:

  • employment and business activities;
  • property and share ownership; and
  • membership of other organisations.

The Register of Interests for each Member is available for public inspection.

Declaration of Interests

Alongside the Register, Members are also required to disclose any financial or personal interest they may have in any matter being considered at a Council meeting. This may require a Member to leave the meeting whilst a matter is being considered.

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