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The Civic Offices remain closed to the public. We're continuing to deliver services to the community. For Council service updates, national guidance and how to contact us, click the link below.

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Vision and values


The council's vision is towards tomorrow today.

This means:

  • achieving things and looking to improve
  • having a forward thinking attitude
  • building on what is good today
  • planning and working for the future


The vision is supported by a statement of intent about shaping our future, comprising a number of value aims under three key areas of People, Place and Us, which also forms the structure of our organisation.

People: a healthy inclusive and engaged community

We will improve the health and wellbeing of our community by:

  • working with partners to raise personal health standards, with particular focus on mental health, alcohol, obesity and smoking
  • encouraging through a clear dialogue with those who are able, to take responsibility and self-serve, while helping, with partner organisations (including voluntary, community and faith sector), those less able
  • promoting recreational opportunities for all sections of the community.

Place: an enterprising, vibrant and sustainable place

We will help to create a sustainable community which has a strong identity and is a place where people want to be by:

  • maintaining a high-quality natural environment where resources are used wisely and biodiversity is conserved
  • creating a high quality built-environment which meets local needs, and enables an enterprising culture to flourish and the local economy to prosper
  • providing, in collaboration with partners, the physical and electronic infrastructure to enable efficient and integrated travel and to support high quality electronic services.

Us: an innovative, proactive and effective council

We will look ahead and, along with our partners, seek opportunities to shape and improve the services provided to the community by:

  • communicating well, listening to the community and working with others to deliver services efficiently and effectively
  • developing the skills and behaviours of our staff and making the best use of resources (money, people, assets) to deliver services
  • giving clear messages about the boundaries within which we expect our staff to work, encouraging them to take ownership and empowering them to take measured risks when taking action or making decisions within those boundaries.

We are committed to:

  • serving the public
  • being fair
  • communicating well
  • delivering quality
  • managing ourselves
  • thinking innovatively
  • learning and developing
  • celebrating success