Family services for professionals

For schools, organisations and partner agencies that support and work with families in Woking borough.

One to one support

To find out if a family would meet the criteria for support use the Levels of Need Document. This sets out a number of indicators to identify if a family may require targeted help at level 3. Use this document to help you identify what you are worried about and either call

Surrey’s Children’s Single Point of Access (C-SPA) or complete a Request for Support form.  Unless there is a significant safeguarding risk, parents should have agreed that they would welcome the extra help and given consent to share their information.

The C-SPA will triage the request and allocate the family to the most appropriate service. If they live in Woking that would be Family Centres (for families with young or primary aged children), Family Support Programme (for families with pre-teen and teenagers) or Targeted Youth Services.

Meeting a support worker

Once a worker is allocated they will work alongside a family to identify the strengths within the family and where things need to change. Using assessments tools including Outcome Star and My Star the worker will ensure that all members of the family including the children have a voice.

Team around the family

As the Children’s Champion the worker will bring together relevant professionals from schools, health and any other services and organisations who can provide specialist support to form a Team Around the Family (TAF) who will meet regularly (usually 6 weekly) to agree goals and review progress. This helps the family to get the advice and support specific to their needs and brings everyone together, minimising duplication and sharing responsibility.

The aim is to help the family to build their resilience and to develop networks within the community to sustain positive change and enable them to manage future challenges.