Council tax increase 201819

Council Tax bills for 2018/19 have now been sent to all households within the Borough. Information about how your Council Tax bill has been calculated is below.

The percentage (%) change for each of the individual council tax precepts (charges), compared to last year, must be expressed to one decimal place on council tax bills. Surrey County Councils precept has to be displayed separately on the bill for their Adult Social Care and basic charges.

When comparing the Adult Social Care percent increase for 2018/19 to the 2017/18 charge, it appears to be greater than the 3% highlighted on your bill. However, the Government have stipulated that the Adult Social Care component increase is highlighted as a percentage compared to Surrey County Councils total charge, rather than to last years Adult Social Care charge. Please see example for a Band D property below.

Total Surrey CC 2017/18 charge 1,331.55
Increase in Adult Social Care charge for 2018/19 39.95
Percentage increase in Adult Social Care in 2018/19 (39.95/1331.55 x 100) 3.0%

The amount that authorities are allowed to increase Council Tax without having a referendum is restricted. For 2018/19, the Government has made some changes to these limits.

It has allowed Adult Social Care providing authorities, Surrey County Council in this case, to increase their overall Council Tax charge by an additional 3%, on top of the 3% they are allowed to increase their basic charge. This equates to a 6% increase on Surrey County Councils overall Council Tax charge.

The Government has also allowed Police and Crime Commissioners to increase their basic Council Tax charge by a maximum of 12 (Band D properties). Surreys Police and Crime Commissioner has increased their basic Council Tax charge by 12, equivalent to 5.3% of their charge.

Finally, the Government has allowed Woking Borough Council to increase its basic Council Tax charge by a maximum of 3%. Woking Borough Council has increased its basic Council Tax by 6.75, equivalent to 3%.

Break down of the individual council tax precepts (% figures are rounded)

Surrey County Council: 75% of the total charge, increased by an overall amount of 6% (separately listed as 3% for adult social care and 3% for Surrey County Council on the bill).

Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner: 13% of the total charge, increased by 5.3%.

Woking Borough Council: 12% of the total charge, increased by 3%.

Total cumulative charge: (100%) increased by 5.5% for 2018/19 when compared to 2017/18.

The table below highlights how Council Tax charges have been calculated for each separate precept for each individual band. Further details for the individual council tax precepts can be found by following the links below.

Any queries relating to the calculation of the Surrey County Council or their Adult Social Care charges should be directed to Surrey County Council by calling 03456 009 009.

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