Where to stay in Woking

Whether you are looking for a small, friendly guest house or a modern luxury hotel, you'll find one within easy reach of the town centre to suit your needs.

Simply narrow the list down to establishments that meet certain criteria you specify.

The listings in this guide were supplied to the Council by the proprietors in good faith for information purposes only and do not constitute a recommendation by Woking Borough Council. Prices are starting prices per person per night unless otherwise stated. Prices assume that twin and double rooms are occupied by two people, family rooms by three people.

All information is believed to be correct at the current time. However, please check latest details directly with establishment before booking.

Self-catering accommodation, for short and long term lettings, is offered by some letting agents. Youll find most of these situated in and around Commercial Way, in Woking Town Centre.

Nearby touring campsites are available at the following locations (there are no static caravan sites in the area), in order of nearest to Woking first:

Hoe House CL* Prey Heath Road, Mayford GU22 0RW 01483 237178

Chertsey* Bridge Road, Chertsey KT16 8JX 01932 562405

Basingstoke Canal Centre Mytchett Place Road, Mytchett GU16 6DD 01252 370073

Walton on Thames** Fieldcommon Lane, KT12 3QG 01932 220392

Horsley* Ockham Road North, KT24 6PE 01483 283273

* Caravan Club members only.

**Camping and Caravanning Club members only.

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