Residents' parking permits and visitor vouchers


Controlled Parking Zones were introduced in Woking, Brookwood and West Byfleet in an effort to prevent the parking problems that were being caused by indiscriminate all-day parking in certain areas by people from outside the area and to ensure that on-street parking was kept available for residents and their visitors. It therefore meant that permit parking for residents had to be introduced and various times of restrictions were brought into force depending on the area and the extent of the problem in that particular area. Woking has five areas (Areas 1- 5), Brookwood has just one and West Byfleet has two (the Central and Outer Areas).

Different categories of permits are available as follows:

Permit Types

Available For

Residents On-Street Permits Residents of the Controlled Parking Zones of Woking, Brookwood and West Byfleet, but not those in Woking or West Byfleet town centres and certain apartment blocks in Woking
Residents Carers On-Street Permits Residents verified by their GPs as requiring regular visits by Carers (who can be friends, family & other helpers as well as social services) in order to maintain an independent lifestyle and remain resident at home
Operational On-Street Permits Doctors, Midwives, Health Visitors and certain other qualified medical staff who need to park within the CPZ areas in order to undertake their official duties when visiting a patient residing within the Controlled Parking Zones
Residents Off-Peak Car Park Permits Woking Area 1 Residents, but not those in Ferndale Road or The Grove

Residents 24hr Car Park Permits

Residents in certain Apartment Blocks in Woking as listed below, but only one permit is available per apartment

Who is eligible to apply for a residents' parking permit?

Residents' parking permits are only available to residents living within the Woking, Brookwood and West Byfleet Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ's) who own a vehicle but who do not have adequate off-street parking available and have to park on the road. A resident who has sufficient room on a driveway or in a garage is not entitled to a permit. A household with two cars but with only one off-street parking space would be eligible for one permit and those with three cars but only one space would be able to apply for two etc. Permits are vehicle specific and not transferable, so in such cases it has to be decided which vehicle is to be parked on-street. Permits are only valid for the CPZ or CPZ Area in which the applicant resides but if they are not parking during the hours of enforcement for that area they do not need a permit. The Woking CPZ has five seperate Areas, the West Byfleet CPZ has two and the Brookwood CPZ, one. Follow each link for the respective maps. On-Street permits are not available for residents of Woking Area 1 (except Ferndale Road and The Grove, residents of who are issued with permits to allow them to park in those two roads only), the residents of the Metro Apartments in Woking Area 3 and those in the West Byfleet Central Zone (except residents of Lavender Park Road, who are issued with permits to allow them to park in that road only). However, Woking Area 1 residents may purchase an 'off-peak' permit for the Heathside Crescent or Victoria Way Car Park which provides parking overnight from 5pm to 9am on weekdays and all day on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

In addition, those living in the following developments in Woking may obtain a 24-hour unrestricted permit for the Victoria Way, Shoppers Red (Toys R Us) or Heathside Crescent car park, but only one permit per apartment is available. Only developments on the following list are included in this scheme.

Development Location
Ashton Court Victoria Way
Birchwood Court Goldsworth Rd
Bramwell Place Chertsey Rd
Bridgewater Place Victoria Way
Centrium Station Approach
Century Court Victoria Way
Eastgate Station Approach
Enterprise Place Church St East
Kennet Court Victoria Way
Metro Apartments Goldsworth Rd
Middle Walk Commercial Way
Regents Court Victoria Way
Stratford Court Victoria Way
The Exchange Oriental Road
William Booth Place Stanley Rd

Who is eligible for a carers permit?

Carers permits (follow link for an application form) are available to residents living within a Controlled Parking Zone who are known to their GPs and who require regular visits from care organisations, relatives etc., in order to maintain an independent lifestyle and remain at home. The permit must be handed to each carer who visits so they can display it on the windscreen of their vehicle, and they must return it when they leave so that it can then be given to the next carer to use.

Who can apply for an Operational permit?

Operational Permits (follow link for an application form) are only available to Doctors, Midwives, Health Visitors and certain other qualified medical staff in order for them to park in a Controlled Parking Zone during the hours of parking restrictions to allow them to carry out their official duties when visiting patients who reside within the Controlled Parking Zone.

What is a Resident's Off-Peak Car Park Permit?

An off-peak car park permit allows residents of Area 1 of the Woking Controlled Parking Zone (see map) to park in either the Victoria Way or Heathside car park after 5pm and before 9am Mondays to Fridays, all day Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays. If a vehicle is parked during the peak hours (9am to 5pm Mondays to Fridays), the hourly/daily rate has to be paid in addition to the annual charge. These permits are not available for residents of The Grove or Ferndale Road as they are eligible to apply for an on-street permit to park in either of those two roads.

What is a Resident's 24hr Discounted Car Park Permit?

A resident's 24hr discounted car park permit has been introduced for residents of those apartments listed above, where there is insufficient parking available. It allows unrestricted use of the car park nominated but the facility will be reviewed annually and may not necessarily be continued. Only one permit per apartment will be issued; if a second permit is required it would have to be an off-peak one.

How much do residents' permits cost?

Permit Type Cost Period Valid
On-Street - first vehicle 50 12 months
On-Street each subsequent vehicle(s) 75 12 months
Carers 10 12 months
Operational No charge 12 months
Car Park Off-Peak 170 12 months
Car Park 24hr Discount 260 12 months

How do I apply for a residents' parking permit?

In person: please bring a completed application form, proof of residence, and proof of vehicle ownership to the Cash Desks at the Civic Offices, Gloucester Square, Woking between 9am and 4.45pm, Monday to Friday. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or debit/credit card. For on-street applications, or permits for Heathside Car Park, you will be given a temporary permit at the counter to cover the period until you receive your full permit.

By post: please send a completed application form, photocopies of proof of residence and proof of vehicle ownership, and the appropriate payment. Payment should be by cheque or postal order (please do not send cash in the post). Applicants for the car park off-peak and 24-hour permit have to be issued with a card that allows access to their nominated car park. This may take a few days to process so it will be necessary to pay the daily/hourly car park charge until the card is received (there can be no reimbursement).

What documents do I need when applying for or renewing a residents' parking permit?

You need to provide proof of residence and proof of ownership of the vehicle. If applying by post please send a photocopy of these documents as we cannot take responsibility for the safety of the originals. Both documents have to be in the name and address of the applicant and have to be produced for a new application and for every renewal.

What proof of residence do I need to provide?

Proof of residence has to be something that proves you currently reside at your address. It can be a utility bill, bank statement, pension or Council Tax payment book, or recent correspondence with Woking Borough Council, but must be dated within the last three months. Vehicle documents, driving licences and passports do not meet this criterion. If you are in the process of moving to a new address, we can accept a recent letter confirming occupation of the property from a solicitor or agent for the completion of the purchase of the property, or the rental agreement if you are a tenant.

What proof of vehicle ownership do I need to provide?

The Vehicle Registration Document must be produced for every application, including renewal. If the vehicle is registered in the name of a company, please include a letter on headed paper from your manager or the Company Secretary, confirming the vehicle is allocated to you for your exclusive use. If the vehicle is leased, please enclose a copy of the lease agreement with your application.

Can I apply for a permit if the vehicle is registered at a different address?

The vehicle has to be registered to the person shown on the application form and at their address within a Controlled Parking Zone. A permit will not be issued unless it is and there are no exceptions other than company or leased vehicles. Obviously, newly acquired vehicles will not be so registered and residents moving in to the Borough will not have had time to register the vehicle at their new address. So, for newly acquired vehicles, if the green (new owner) slip is brought in with the application form a temporary permit will be issued for one month to allow time for DVLA to issue a new vehicle registration document. When it is received, provide the Council with a copy of page 2 (the inside left-hand page that shows the vehicle and owner details) and a full permit will be issued. For new occupants, fill in the change of address section on page 2 and bring that page in with your application; we will send it to DVLA for you (to ensure that the vehicle is registered at the correct address), the cashiers will issue a temporary permit for one week and the full permit will be sent out by post within a few days.

What happens if I change my vehicle?

As residents' permit are issued for a specific vehicle, you cannot use your existing permit on your new car, and will need to apply for a replacement permit at a cost of 15. Please complete an application form and include the current permit together with proof of new vehicle ownership when making your application which can be either by post or in person. If you do not return the existing permit you will have take out a new permit and pay the annual rate of either 50 or 75. In the event of a short term change of vehicle (e.g. a loan or courtesy vehicle from a garage), please notify us without delay of the replacement vehicle details and a temporary permit will be issued.

What happens if I have visitors or contractors who need to park on the road?

If you have visitors who park on the road when parking restrictions are in force in the CPZ Area in which you live, they must park in a parking bay and display a valid Residents Visitor Permit (not all residents are eligible for these permits - see response to the following question). Outside the restriction times a permit is not required.

It is recommended that you keep a book of visitor permits available for when you do have visitors for when a permit has to be displayed. Each permit is valid for one day only, and must be validated by scratching off the year, month and date of use, writing the vehicle registration in the space provided. Once purchased they can be kept until required even if the year shown on them has passed, in which case write the year of use in the adjoining space. The permit must be clearly displayed in the vehicle or a penalty charge notice may be issued.

How do I obtain residents' visitor permits?

Visitor permits are available to residents who live in the Brookwood, West Byfleet or Woking Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) but not for those residents who live in Woking Area 1 or the West Byfleet Central Zone because no on-street resident parking is available in those areas. Certain roads within a CPZ may be private (not maintained at public expense) or the residents may have opted out of being part of CPZ controls. Those living in such roads are not entitled to apply for resident permits or to obtain visitor permits to park in roads that are subject to CPZ restrictions. Additionally, residents of certain apartment blocks may not be eligible if permit restrictions were imposed when those apartments were built or where sufficient or allocated off-street parking is provided within the apartment complex. Visitor Permits can be obtained from the Cash Desks at the Civic Offices between 9am and 4.45pm, Monday to Friday, at a cost of 2 each or 10 for a book of five. Residents aged 60 years or over are entitled to a 50% discount upon proof of age. Proof of residence will be required when making a purchase such as a utility bill, bank statement, council tax, benefits or pension document dated within the previous three months that shows the residents name and address. Permits will not be sold without such proof as the Council is obliged to ensure they are only sold to eligible residents.

The permits are scratch cards valid for one day only, to be clearly displayed in the car windscreen or kerb-side window as per the instructions given. The registration number of the vehicle must be written on the front of the card in the box provided. They are not transferrable to any other vehicle and are only valid for and can only be used in the CPZ or Area in which the resident lives. Maps showing the various CPZs and Areas for Brookwood, West Byfleet and Woking can be found under Residents' Parking Permits and Visitor Vouchers. Once purchased, visitor permits are valid until they are required to be used. If the scratch-off year shown has passed, the current year can be written alongside and it will be honoured.

Residents in West Byfleet and Brookwood may order visitor permits by phone on 01483 755855 using a debit or credit card (a 1.8% surcharge applies for credit card payments) between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, and they will be hand delivered within a few days unless you live in gated property or permanent access is not available to your front door, in which case we can arrange for them to be collected out of hours from our Car Park Control Room in the Woking Town Centre Shoppers' Car Park complex, which is open 24-hours and is opposite the theatre drop-off zone. Woking residents who are not able to visit the Civic Offices during opening hours can also order them by phone for collection from the Control Room. Visitor permits will not be sent by post as delivery cannot be guaranteed, they could be lost and there would be no proof that they had been delivered to the correct address.

I no longer need my residents' parking permit - can it be surrendered?

Yes. Refunds for surrendered permits will be made pro rata for each complete month left on the permit, less an administration charge of 25. Please return your permit to:

Parking Services
Civic Offices
Gloucester Square
GU21 6YL

Any refund will be made by BACS payment, so please enclose details of your bank account (account name, sort code and account number) in order for us to process the refund.

How do I get more information?

Please call 01483 755855 if you require any further information about residents' parking permits or visitor permits.