Support awarded for 2013/14

Here is a summary of the organisations supported through the Council's Community Support Scheme in 2013/14.

Age Concern Woking

The Council has awarded a grant to support the services of Age Concern Woking. The contribution will support the services of the group for the elderly in the coming year, including the costs associated with the befriending and information services.

Attitude Youth Group

Attitude Youth Group was formed to provide a safe environment in which youths can mix, socialise and take part in activities. The Council's support will provide a stable level of support for the group.

Carers Support Woking

The aim of Carers Support Woking is to enable carers to access services and benefits by providing advice, information, advocacy and support. The Council's support will enable the group to continue providing its service to carers in Woking.

Coram Life Education

Life Education is a nationwide charity which provides advice to children aged 3 to 11 years on drugs and lifestyles. The grant awarded will contribute towards the Group's programme of lifestyle education to school children within the Borough, including an Alcohol Awareness Programme.

FamilyLine Surrey

FamilyLine Surrey provides a confidential helpline for families in Surrey. The grant award will contribute towards the costs of providing the service in Woking.

High Sheriff's Award

The High Sheriff's Award is a scheme that encourages schools, youth clubs, and all other youth-related organisations to set up projects that tackle crime prevention and community safety issues. The Council's support will contribute towards the costs of the scheme.

Home-Start Woking

Home-Start Woking offers support, friendship and practical help to parents in their own homes who are under stress, with at least one child under the age of five, helping to prevent family crisis and breakdown. The Council's support will contribute towards the costs of providing the service.

Lakeview Community Action Group

Lift Up Together was established under the umbrella of the Lakeview Community Action Group to meet an identified need in the local community in the absence of suitable facilities for those with mental health issues. The grant awarded will contribute towards the cost of the weekly support sessions.

Let's Read Ltd

The aim of Let's Read Ltd is to promote the benefit of public of urban or rural regeneration in areas of social and economic deprivation. The Council's support will assist with the costs of the Group's literacy improvement programme.

Link Leisure was established in 1989 to work with children and adults with learning disabilities. The Council's support will enable the group to continue providing its services in the Borough.

Marjorie Richardson Centre

The aim of this coffee shop is to provide a drop in centre for people age 50 plus or with a disability. The grant awarded will contribute towards the running costs of the centre.

Older Peoples Forum

The Older Peoples Forum seeks to provide a channel of communication through which the older residents of Woking can identify matters of concern. The grant awarded will assist with the costs of the forum.


Outline provides a confidential telephone helpline and social group meetings to support lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender individuals. The grant awarded will assist with the running costs of the group.

Relate West Surrey

Relate West Surrey offers counselling, sexual therapy and training, and education workshops to adults experiencing difficulties in their relationships. The group also offers counselling to young people affected by the breakdown of their parents' relationship. The Council has supported the group by providing a grant to assist with the cost of the service charge for their accommodation, as well as providing rent-free accommodation.


The aim of Strollers is to provide 'coffee and conversation' in a caring environment for retired and disabled people. The grant will enable the group to continue providing its service for residents of the Borough.

Surrey Crossroads - Woking and Surrey Heath Branch

The group provides a respite care service to carers for families with disabled relatives. The grant will provide additional care hours for families in the Woking area to reduce the service's waiting list.

Surrey Disabled People's Partnership

Surrey Disabled Peoples Partnership seeks to promote, enable and increase disabled people's involvement within their local community through a free, independent and confidential advocacy and information service. The grant awarded is to enable the group to provide its disability information and advocacy service in the Borough.

Surrey Welfare Rights Unit

Surrey Welfare Rights Unit provides specialist support to community organisations and statutory authorities dealing with welfare rights issues. The Council's support will ensure the continuation of the service.


TALK is a Surrey-based charity which seeks to support Aphasia recoverers following a stroke, helping them to regain communication and reasoning skills, recover confidence and achieve social reintegration. The grant awarded will assist with the rental costs for the group taking place in Knaphill.

The Counselling Partnership

The Counselling Partnership offers counselling services to those people who may otherwise be unable to afford it, supplying up to a year of counselling to assist with issues such bereavement and domestic abuse. The grant awarded will assist with providing the service in Woking.

The Maybury Centre Trust

The Maybury Centre Trust provides facilities for social and business events, health, education, welfare and general recreation for the people of Woking. The Council's support will enable the Centre to continue providing its services, including the management of Alpha Road Community Hall, the Schoolhouse Project and the Maybury Centre.

Woking Association of Voluntary Service (WAVS)

The Service has been in existence since 1905 and aims to provide support, representation and advice to voluntary and community organisations in the Borough of Woking. The Council's support will enable WAVS to maintain its level of services and includes rent-free accommodation.

Woking Citizens' Advice Bureau

Woking Citizens' Advice Bureau aims to provide advice and assistance to local clients in all areas of social law and related matters. The grant will enable the Bureau to continue to provide its services to residents of Woking.

Woking Community Mediation Service

The aim of the Service is to help neighbours find a solution to difficulties that suits all the parties involved. The funding will support the Service throughout the financial year and ensure a suitable level of support in order to secure the services of the group.

Woking Community Transport

Woking Community Transport provides accessible door-to-door transport to those who could otherwise be socially excluded because of poverty, disability or age. The grants will support the Dial-a-Ride service to the east of the Borough, and provide a comprehensive service to residents of Woking, plus enable the Town Centre Buggy service to continue in the Town Centre.

Woking District Scouts

Woking District Scouts operates Handicamp during September each year, available to children who are disabled or with special needs aged between 10 and 18 years old. The grant awarded will assist with the cost of providing the popular abseiling and climbing activity.

Woking Family Contact Centre

Woking Family Contact Centre seeks to offer a safe, friendly and neutral environment in Woking where children of separated families can spend time with one or both parents, but usually with the parent they do not live with and sometimes other family members. The grant awarded will assist with the core costs of the Group, in particular the training of volunteers.

Woking Hospice

The Council has awarded Woking Hospice a grant to support the Woking Hospice's provision of the nursing elements of the home-based palliative care through its community nursing service.

Woking People of Faith

Woking People of Faith is a multi-faith organisation providing a platform for people to get together and gain an understanding of each other, open to those of any faith and those of none. The grant awarded will enable the services of the part-time Development Worker to continue, facilitating annual public meetings and the development of programmes for educational visits, sporting and community events.

Woking shopMobility

Woking shopMobility provides mobility equipment for disabled and older people for use in Woking Town Centre. The Council's award will help the Group with its running costs.

Woking Street Angels

Woking Street Angels provides teams of volunteers who assist individuals who are homeless and suffering from the effects of poverty, sickness, disability, old age, alcoholism, drug addiction, offending behaviour or any other mental or physical infirmity. The Council's award will assist with the general running costs of the initiative.

Woking Talking Newspaper

The aim of the association is to provide Woking residents who have visual impairment access to the local newspapers with a weekly audio cassette containing local news. The Council has supported the association with the rental costs of hiring accommodation at the Moorcroft Centre.

York Road Project

The York Road Project provides a direct access shelter in Woking for single, homeless and other vulnerable people. The Council's support will enable the Project to provide its services.

Your Sanctuary

The Council has awarded Your Sanctuary a grant to enable the continuation of the domestic abuse outreach service provided in the Borough of Woking. The group seeks to relieve need, hardship and distress among those who have suffered grave or persistent assault and battery by a close relative with whom they are or have been living with and any children thereof.

Youth Empowerment Crime Diversion Scheme

The Youth Empowerment Crime Diversion Scheme aims to promote changes in attitudes of young people to reduce the risk of offending and to support the rehabilitation of ex-offenders. The grant awarded will enable the group to run work programmes in each of the schools in the Borough proposed by the Group.

Further information

For further information on the Council's community funding schemes, or for details of the support provided, please contact Frank Jeffrey on 01483 743012, or email