Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support claim reviews

Once your claim has been assessed and is in payment we may contact you to review your claim.

This is to ensure that the details we have are correct and that you are being paid the benefit/support you are entitled to.

Your claim could be selected for a review at any time. There are no fixed intervals for reviews, and they are not carried out as part of our annual process. Do not worry if your claim is not reviewed, we will contact you if it is necessary.

In most cases, when your claim is due to be reviewed a visiting officer will telephone you to make arrangements to visit you in your home. The visiting officer can tell you in advance what information they will need, and the documents that they will need to see.

When you are visited a short form will be completed to confirm your details, and the visiting officer will make a note of the documents they have seen.

If your benefit/support changes as a result of this review you will receive a revised award notice shortly after the visit.